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I am looking for the businessmen and investors who would like to support launch of my original developing game (I am the author)
The game set includes an object (training device), a description (in brief and complete forms), images (cards), software, and a computer game. Some part of the game has been already developed while the other part requires improvement and correction. The game will be helpful for the people who are interested in self-perfection, sports, health. The sessions are held in the form of a game and can be either active or passive (optional). The game is capable to contribute to deep work and integration of psychical and physical aspects of a human being (homo sapience).
This project was created on the basis of knowledge in psychology, physiology, psychiatry, zoology, and physics.

This project is original and has no analogues in the world, and it is capable to occupy its niche.

To contact the author, write to [email protected] or call +79096348774
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